Books for Professionals

Music in special education – ADAMKE, M. S. AND DARROW, A.

How Music Helps in Music Therapy and Everyday Life – ANSDELL, G.

Using Intensive Interaction and Sensory Integration – CALDWELL, P. AND HORWOOD, J.

Understanding and Treating Self-Injurious Behavior in Autism – EDELSON, S. M., JOHNSON, J. AND VAN RENSSELAER, A.

Clinical Exercises for Treating Traumatic Stress in Children and Adolescents – GRASSO, D. J.

Seeing Through New Eyes – KAPLAN, M.

Early Childhood Music Therapy and Autism Spectrum Disorders – KERN, P. AND HUMPAL, M. E.

The Music of Being – LEVINGE, A.

Developmental Speech-Language Training through Music for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders – LIM, H.

Creative Interventions with Traumatized Children – MALCHIODI, C. A.

Expressive Therapies – MALCHIODI, C. A.

Creative Arts and Play Therapy for Attachment Problems – MALCHIODI, C. A. AND CRENSHAW, D. A.

Interactive Music Therapy – OLDFIELD, A.

Music Therapy with Children and Their Families – OLDFIELD, A. AND FLOWER, C.

Music Therapy in Context – PAVLICEVIC, M.

Counselling People on the Autistic Spectrum – PAXTON, K. AND ESTAY, I. A.

Re-Thinking Autism – TIMIMI, S.

Skills in Person-Centred Counselling & Psychotherapy – TOLAN, J.

Music Therapy in Schools – TOMLINSON, J., DERRINGTON, P. AND OLDFIELD, A.

The Art and Science of Music Therapy – WIGRAM, T., SAPERSTON, B. AND WEST, R.

Life Story Work with Children who are Fostered or Adopted – WRENCH, K. AND NAYLOR, L.