It is important that as a parent/carer you feel comfortable with the process of therapy and how the sessions will work. Following referral you will be invited to meet with the therapist to discuss any queries you may have and the logistics of future sessions.

Prior to beginning any long-term work, an assessment period of 6 weeks is carried out. Following this period, you will receive an assessment report which will outline whether or not the therapist feels this intervention will be beneficial to your child and if so what the therapeutic aims and objectives of the future work will be. Reports will then be compiled on a twice yearly basis depending on the length of the work. You can request an update at any time during the work and I will sned you both a hard copy and an email copy. Additionally, you can request reports to share with school and with the multi-disciplinary team if you feel this will be useful.

It is normal protocol to let the members of the multi-disciplinary team working with your child know that they have begun engaging in therapy. It is important that this information is shared in order to ensure that the team are working in the most effective way and that any information that is of importance can be shared. The information you shared will be stored according to the Data Protection Act.

The therapeutic process and the attainment of set goals develops at a different speed for each individual and working at the child’s pace is of great importance. You may observe some changes in your child during the duration of the therapeutic intervention. Bare in mind that the therapeutic process can often stir up feelings or experiences that have lay dormant for some time. Working through things that may be difficult or painful, in a therapeutic manner will be beneficial for the client but during the process may affect how they feel, behave and interact.