Welcome to Lighthouse music therapy,  the only trained and registered music therapy providers across the Outer Hebrides of Scotland. We provide individual music therapy sessions, group therapy, music groups for a wide range of ages and training.

Lighthouse’s mission is to make music and other creative arts therapies mainstream in our approach as a society to a wide range of additional support needs; to make it accessible to anyone that needs it and to create opportunities for people with additional needs involving music and other sensory based work.

The therapeutic relationship remains the centre of the work, and it is through this relationship that change can occur. Building relationships can be difficult for people with additional support needs. Sometimes pathology may seem to dictate whether an individual has the ability to meaningfully connect with another human being. Music removes the barriers created by pathology and allows a means for communication when it may not seem possible. It creates opportunities for growth and change whether we are suffering with mental illness or with autism, with alzheimer’s or with downs syndrome and it is the job of the music therapist to assess each client in order to skilfully develop and apply a range of techniques in a way that will help facilitate that potential.

Lynsey uses music in addition to embracing a range of other art forms and therapeutic techniques in order to create a stimulating sensory environment, encourage and develop the clients ability to communicate and to meet a wide range of therapeutic goals.

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To speak to Lynsey, visit the contact page, download a referrals form, send an email to lighthousemusictherapy@gmail.com or pick up the telephone and call 07772427566.